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we cut the noise and get to what matters to you.
insanely complicated and overwhelming
a simple process and benefits that fit who you are.

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authenticity insured. (What does this mean?)

you are who you are, and we absolutely love that.

Every business is different, and that means you’ll have different group benefit needs than anyone else. We love the fact that our job is to figure out a perfect solution just for your company.

We are a vibrant company of Group Benefits and Pensions Advisors (sounds boring right?) who authentically want to help businesses find the right group health and retirement savings plans.

You do you. We’ll do the group insurance and benefits. What a perfect team.

solutions are only solutions if they’re working for you.

It’s our guess that you’ve talked to other companies like us before. Problem is, we aren’t like other companies. The difference is that we aren’t passionate about making a sale. We are passionate about making a solution.

We don’t want to sit behind a computer and number crunch (okay we possibly do want to do that as well) but what we truly love to do is to talk to you. By getting to know you, your team and the pain points in your business, we can brainstorm the very best way to navigate around them to find a solution. That’s truly what gets
us excited to go to work.

You bring us the problems, we’ll offer the solutions.

benefits that, dare we say it, actually freakin’ benefit you. (check out some of our unbeatable coverage)

a plan fits every type of company

extended health benefits

Every single company has different health considerations. We work hard to ensure that the plan you have fits those unique needs, and will check to see if a benefit plan will fit into your budget. We can also compare your current plan to others in your industry, and explore different insurance companies to find the best fit for you. We’ll walk you through a cost analysis, which is just a scary way of saying price comparison.

every industry has the same health problems.

group dental benefits

Everyone wants to work with a company who offers a robust dental plan, it’s a great hiring tool you can leverage to attract new employees. Much like your health plan, we advise you on the best options for your business and your budget. With over 30 years of experience we know how to navigate the complicated world of benefits so that you don’t have to.

what you need is everything that is available.

unique solutions

If you need benefits beyond health and dental, we can help there too. Whether you need life, ADD, LTD, EHC, CII, EAP, we’ve got all the letters covered. For mid-size and larger businesses, we offer unique solutions to help minimize the profits being left with the providers. For small businesses, we exclusively offer the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan which provides pooling and premium stability that businesses need.

retirement is never what you think it will be.

group retirement plans

Most companies don’t offer retirement benefits because they think it will be complicated and costly to implement. We’d like to dispel those myths and show you what’s possible. Our group retirement savings plans allow you to offer a unique group retirement plan to your employees that is easy to administer. See, told ya we’re solution people.

let’s get started on that solution.
reach out, we’re (really) here for you.