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AdviceDental Fee Guide and Your Benefits Coverage

One of our most frequently asked questions at Schmidt and Funk is “what is a dental fee guide and how does it affect my dental plan?”

Each province and territory has their own dental fee guide. Every year the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) produces an annual suggested fee guide for dentists in BC. The document outlines over 1,400 dental codes and code descriptors related to specific elements of dental treatment. It also provides suggested fees that serve as a guide only; dentists are not required to follow the guide or any fee schedule.

This fee guide affects you, as an employee, in the following ways:

  1. Each year insurance companies use these guides to help determine the reimbursement limits for dental procedures. Your dentist may raise their rates accordingly and depending on your plan design you may have to chip in more personally. You also may hit your overall dental maximums a little bit sooner than the year before.
  2. It can also play a part in how the insurance companies determine your base dental premiums when it comes time to renew your plan. If you pay for a portion of your benefits you will see this amount adjusted on your pay stub.

This years the average dental fee increase in BC is 3.46% over 2017.

You can view the BC Fee guide here:

Public Abbreviated GP Suggested Fee Guide

It is intended to provide British Columbians with some information on common dental procedure codes and the suggested fee guide. This is intended for reference only and may not reflect the specifics of your treatment and associated costs.

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