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Group Benefitsthere is a perfect benefit plan for your business, let’s help you find it.

what are you looking for?

Every single company has different health considerations. We work hard to ensure that the plan you have fits those unique needs, and will check to see if a benefit plan will fit into your budget. We can also compare your current plan to others in your industry, and explore different insurance companies to find the best fit for you. We’ll walk you through an honest cost analysis, which is just a scary way of saying price comparison

  • Ongoing personal service
  • Customized for your industry
  • Local, dedicated team

Everyone wants to work with a company who offers a robust dental plan, it’s a great hiring tool you can leverage to attract new employees. Much like your health plan, we advise you on the best options for your business and your budget. With over 30 years of experience we know how to navigate the complicated world of benefits so that you don’t have to.

  • ongoing personal service
  • customized for your industry
  • local, dedicated team

Schmidt + Funk has exclusive access to the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan in our region, in partnership with the local Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce. The Chamber Plan offers eligibility for one-person operations or home-based businesses, as well as growing companies up to 50 employees. We love the flexibility of this plan.

  • simple and fast claim processing
  • my-benefits® online administration tool
  • No minimum firm size

We all love to travel, but it’s important we are covered. That’s why we partner with top industry providers to give our clients travel insurance. Whether you are taking a quick trip across the border or a trip around the world, it is quick and easy to get coverage. If you are travelling outside of your province or if you are someone travelling from another country to Canada we can assist in getting an instant quote for the coverage you need.

  • Instant quotes
  • fast and easy coverage
  • Reputable, global insurance provider